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Kid Baby Infant Toddler Harness Walk Learning Assistant Walker Jumper Strap Belt Safety Adjustable Reins Harness

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* Material: T-shirt Fabric

* Size: Webbing can be adjusted 9.75''-21.45''/ hips can be adjusted 9.75''-13.65''/ bust can be adjusted 17.55''-29.25''

* Function: Learning to walk/leaf and fall/children's learning to walk

* Color: Printing

* According to the developmental characteristics of the baby at different stages, it is possible to use a suitable toddler belt to avoid O-leg arm dislocation caused by inappropriate toddlers, etc.

* All-round adjustable buckle, can be used as much as you want, easy adjustment, easy operation for the elderly

* Lightweight and portable, breathable and not stuffy and sweaty

* Not strangling under the armpits, not strangling the Crotch

* Imported

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