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Dream Double Layer Plastic Water Cup With Straw Pink Girls Drinking Cup Kids Water Bottle

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* Material: Plastic

* Capacity: 450ml

* Product Specifications: Height is about 7.02'', Bottom Diameter is about 2.46''

* Precautions:

1. Don't pack carbonated drinks or dry ice to prevent the drinks or bottle corks from spraying out.

2. Do not pack milk to avoid corruption.

3. Please avoid bumping and falling, so as not to break the bottle and affect the heat preservation performance.

4. Don't put it next to the heat source, so as not to affect the function.

5. Do not heat in a microwave oven to avoid danger.

* Cleaning matters:

1. Clean up after each use, and use flexible scrubbing tools as much as possible.

2. Please clean with mild neutral detergent. Do not use bleach or chlorine-containing detergent to avoid damage to the product.

3. Please wash it by hand, do not put it in the dishwasher and other equipment to avoid accidents.

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