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Baby Training Toothbrush with Safety Flap Removable for Cleaning Soft Silicone Baby Toothbrush Suitable for 4 Months and Above

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* Features:

1. Anti-suffocation and vomiting design. By adding a safety barrier, babies can brush their teeth safely to prevent the toothbrush from extending too long, causing vomiting or suffocation.

2. The toothbrush is designed with full silicone, and the softness of the silicone bristles can protect the baby's tooth enamel and gum tissue.

3. The double-sided bristle treatment of the brush head can clean the baby's gums and tongue coating at the same time

4. The design is easy for babies to grasp, and the wide and easy-to-grip handle allows babies to easily practice brushing their teeth

5. With detachable design, it is easy to clean and disinfect

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